How to find wholesale hair vendors?

How to find wholesale hair vendors?

21/02/2023 12:29:36

This must be the question many people ask when starting a hair business. Finding a good supplier will become easy if you read all the articles shared below of Havina Hair

I. How to find wholesale hair vendors online

1.1. How to find wholesale hair vendors with Google

Google must have been no stranger to internet users. This is the premier source of accurate information that will be very helpful to you. 

First, look for wholesale hair related terms like:

How to find wholesale hair vendors with Google

For each search result, you see web pages that are refined in both form and content. Be selective about the sites that you think are really useful for your search. Reputable providers will really invest in their website in the most complete and clear way.

1.2. How to find wholesale hair vendors with Social

Social includes a number of social networks such as Facebook, instagram, tweet, youtube... which are very popular with users. Most providers pay close attention to the content they publish on social media. Instead, the level of customer engagement on official sites will often be quite large. 

Let's start with groups related to hair suppliers, where there will be many suppliers touting products as well as where you can see the supplier scandal reported by customers. 



1.3. How to find a good wholesale hair vendor with E-commerce

You must have known about E-commerce such as Amazon, Alibaba, ... This is an exchange not only for retailers but also for large suppliers. Like social networks, customers will often leave feedback about the supplier's product right below the comment section. Try to read the comments carefully because maybe you will find some good suggestions from there.

1.4. How to find a wholesale hair vendor with hair vendors list 

Now, instead of searching for a list of hair vendors, you can buy ready-made lists. Or maybe some sources will share a free hair vendors list that you can refer to. This will somewhat save you time, but not all lists are of the same quality, so you need to be selective.

II. How to work with hair vendors that you should know: Step by step

You need to work with the hair vendors in the most effective way because it directly relates to your pocket. So how to work effectively, check out the 5 steps we mentioned below to see if you're really doing it right. 

How to work with hair vendors

Step 1: Verify information

You must always verify all supplier information when preparing to enter into any transaction. Information you should note such as business registration papers, business licenses, reputable social networking sites… This will be the initial basis for you to avoid the risks of encountering fraudulent companies. 

Step 2: Negotiate

This negotiation step is directly related to product quality and cost. Of course, the hair vendor will have a price list for each type of product, but if you can negotiate the price, that would be great. Tell the hair vendor about the size and plan of your order now and in the future, you will surely get special offers for yourself. But don't forget that product quality should still come first.

Step 3: Evaluate

After you have ordered the first batch of products, take the time to evaluate the product by the quality and feedback from your customers. Through this assessment, you will have the next decision on supplier selection when there are comparisons. 

If that hair supplier is really good, you will still choose it as the hair vendor for the next batch of hair before you find another vendor that is better than it.

Step 4: Return to order 

The option to return to order will make the supplier remember you. Each time you place an order, let your hair supplier know what you are not really satisfied with about the product. A few times like that, you will be the priority customer for the big discounts of the year.

Step 5: Become a loyal customer

Becoming a loyal customer of a supplier means that you are a preferred customer. So what incentives will priority customers receive from the supplier? That is the % discount for your next order will always be more, the goods sent to you will be carefully checked or the supplier will prioritize your order first. 

In short, the way you work with your suppliers determines your values to them. No reputable supplier will miss out on its customers. So finding a supplier partner today will help you do business more smoothly.

III. Important notes to avoid encountering fraudulent vendors

You will have at least one encounter with a fraudulent supplier whether or not you have made a purchase. Today, as the activities of scammers become more sophisticated, it is you who must be sober.

From the first steps when looking for a supplier, you have to be very careful in stages such as licenses, video calls, answering professional questions... Until you decide to buy, you must answer the question "How to find wholesale hair vendors?". 

When encountering scam providers, immediately expose them and put their names on some Facebook Groups so that others don't get scammed. 

Havina Hair is also one of the leading hair vendors in the world with a wide range of products such as hair weave, hair extensions, closure & frontal, wigs. If you have a need to find a really reputable hair vendor, please contact us immediately to receive top products and customer care services. 

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