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Introduction to Havina

Due to the inevitable integration needs of the economy and increasingly enhanced user goals, Havina is currently providing hair products to more than 100,000 partners around the world. We always strive to build the company into a powerful, modern organization, providing the best hair products at the most reasonable prices. Besides, Havina always creates and innovates products to ensure the desire to expand cooperation with domestic and foreign partners to create a foundation for sustainable progress.

With more than 15 years of operating experience, Havinahair factory is one of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers of high-class hair products, exclusive of all types of extension technology in Vietnam. Start with buying “donor hair” and end with selling products for hair extensions.
Along with the name Havina, we are committed to providing you with 100% H-Human hair guarantee; A- Available all lengths, textures, colors; V- Vietnamese Hair 100%.
Havina has constantly affirmed its brand position in the market and the trust of customers with international quality, bringing satisfaction to everyone with the best specialized hair product.

Vision - Mission - Core Values ​​- Strategy Havina

Vision: To become a leading factory providing services and products in the field of intensive hair. Mission: Bringing value and good products to the newly developed technology.
Core values: - Dedication: Putting customers & partners at the center of all actions. - Creativity: Innovating, creating new products and values. - Commitment: Make words go hand in hand. - Culture and experience: Professionalizing human resources, building a solid company culture foundation.
Strategy: Sustainable development, cultural foundation with people as the core, pioneering and always innovating.

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Product Description Havina 

- 100% natural, untreated, dye-free, chemical-free hair

- The smallest fiber without eggs, feces and insects

- Length from 6 inches to 32 inches

- Different types of hair textures and colors

- Very soft and smooth, full cuticle

- The horizontal line is firm and tangle-free - Keep curls after washing

- Full from top to bottom.

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