Hair Length Chart: Hair Types

The hair type you’re possessing directly affects its look. So it’s vital to check if your hair is curly, wavy, or straight before identifying its length.

#1 Straight 

If your hair is straight, it should be the same length as its actual look. This means you won’t have to do any extra steps when identifying where your hair is in the hair length chart.

#2 Wavy 

Starting to get a bit more complicated in the measuring stage, some bends may cause your hair to look shorter than what it’s supposed to be. For instance, your 10-inch hair won’t past your shoulder if you have waves but will if your hair is straight.

#3 Curly

Quite the same as wavy hair, the kinks and bends would make your lock look shorter. Yet, at a more intense level, the kinks of your curly lock will make the strands look an inch or two shorter than how it looked normally.

Hair Length Chart: Hair Lengths

Considering that curly hair is the hardest to determine the length, in this section, we’re giving you the most constructive guide to measure your curly hair length. Typically, curly hair is 2-3 inches shorter than that of straight hair. Depending on the style you’ve got, we divide hair lengths into 5 categories – from very short to medium to very long.

#1 Very short

Your hair is considered very short when it is your ear-length and above. Close-cropped cuts like the pixie or buzz cut are what included in this very short group in the curly hair length chart.

#2 Short

Short hair is meant to be hairs that are at chin-lengths and the ones longer than the ear. Some of the most common are the bob cuts – generally, with bangs or cringes and waves, bedded cuts, and asymmetrical cuts, which is implausibly suited with those who have too sharp the face lines and are wishing for a hairstyle that can soften them.

#3 Medium 

Shoulder length hairdos are the most iconic representative for this group of hair length chart. Medium-length hairstyles are mostly the trendiest, as the long hairstyles are too high maintenance while the short ones are, apparently, not for everyone. To say this in another way, medium-length hair is the most versatile hair length which allows us to experiment with any hairstyles to our fancy – from tousled waves, choppy ringlets to a bold lob or stylish ombrés.

#4 Long 

Long hairs are most time, at armpit length or longer. We all have times when we wish to have perfect princess-like long locks. It has always been an emblem of beauty, femininity, and fashion. No matter what hairdo you’re going for, the long hairstyle will forever remain trendy. Quite hard to manage as it may be, the long hair length offers plenty of cuts that a girl wants to have. Thus, if you’re a true beauty lover, long hair is definitely the one for you.

#5 Very Long

It is not quite popular for a girl to have too long a lock nowadays as the modern world is doing too much on our locks. Consequently, it is hard to keep your tresses healthy without regular trims, which also means that it’s rare to see someone with a very long hair length these days. Hairs that grow very long are often considered mid-back or below. Hairs at this length are very hard to maintain as well as to style. Be that as it may, once you manage the very-long category in the curly hair length chart, it’s likely that you’ll get the most dreamt hairstyle among us all.

Apart from the above length we stated, there’s also an associated degree of an extra-long group, which is often from the hip to the calf. If you’re in the process of growing your hair, there’s this formula that can assist you in doing your own measure:

  • Ear – chin: 6 months
  • Chin – neck: 3-4 months
  • Neck – collarbone: 7-8 months
  • Collarbone – waist: 2 years
  • Waist – classic: 1.5-2 years
  • Classic – Knee: 1.5 years

The longer your hair becomes the slower the hair growth speed is.

Having proper understandings about the length chart for curly hair can also get you a certain idea of which hairstyle you would like to opt for. This way, you won’t have to always carry the hair ruler with you or worrying that your lock could be ruined by a bad haircut.

Some of you may be wondering if there were something you can do to achieve a longer group of the curly hair length chart immediately while still having very short – short hair length. Well, sadly, the answer is no, you’ll have to come a long way to get back your perfect long lock. Nonetheless, there’re some alternatives for you when you’re still on your way of growing hair. What we’re talking about are hair extensions. 

Having said that, it can be said that this hair length chart for curly hair could be rather biased. For that reason, should you have any queries, please send us your questions via our social media or in the comment section below and ask for verification. We’d love to see your comment, and we wish to stumble across your story as soon as possible.