Single Drawn, Double Drawn and Super Drawn – How to distinguish the difference between 3 types of hair quality?

Single Drawn, Double Drawn and Super Drawn – How to distinguish the difference between 3 types of hair quality?

22/02/2023 12:23:02

Single Drawn, Double Drawn and Super Drawn – How to distinguish the difference between 3 types of hair quality?


Most of the women in the world want to have thick, bouncy, and smooth hair. But in reality, not everyone has such hair. Words like Human Hair, Double Drawn, and Super Drawn make many people dumbfounded because they don’t know which hair types to choose for themselves. Or if you are new to the business but

do not understand the terminology and basics of hair quality, then you will lead to misidentification when trading.

Any differences will be explored and explained clearly below. We will tell you the advantages of choosing the right hair quality for you. Let’s find out through the article below, my friends.


Human Hair Extensions

What is Single Drawn Hair?

This hairstyle is suitable for those who like to have natural-looking hair. It usually looks like our natural hair has. To have such natural hair, it has a different structure. About the length of normal hair, it is not equal, the ratio of hair of the same length accounts for about 50%. So it will have the feature that the top of the hair will be thick and the end of the hair will be thinner. That can see there will be slimmer and more natural hair.

For this Single Drawn hair quality with the longer the length of the hair, the thinner the ends will be. Because the quality of this hair is the thinnest, it goes hand in hand with the cheapest of all. Most of the people who are just starting in their business usually choose this quality due to the price and encourage them to use straight hair.Single Drawn in from Vietnam – Human Hair Extension.

What is Double Drawn Hair?

Double Drawn is the average hair bundle in terms of quality. In this hair bundle, there are about 60-70% of the same hair length, the rest will be short hair. So the ends are a bit thinner than the top of the hair.
To compare with other names of hair layers in the world, Double-drawn hair can be called with another name or equivalent to class 8A, 9A in China, India, Brazill… They just have different names but keep the same name. full-thickness.

Because this hair is thicker than Single Drawn, in terms of price Double Drawn is average and more expensive than Single Drawn. For me, I recommend our customers to choose this hair because it’s not too expensive but the quality is thicker.
For hair businesses that are serving customers in the lower middle class, this hairstyle should be chosen.

This section of hair can be created in different styles, but the end of the hair is thicker, so the hair will look more attractive.Double drawn hair extensions_Unprocessed Vietnamese hair


What is Super Drawn Hair?

Super Drawn hair is the most advanced hair type. Super Drawn Hair Bundles can show that more than 85% of the hair is the same length, the rest is shorter. The number of short hairs is very small, so the thickness of the top part of the hair compared to the ends is equal. together.

If you want to add more volume to your hair, this is your best choice. And professionals have to pull the hair out by hand very skillfully and meticulously. However, to create super Drawn human hair, the process is complex.

Since Super Drawn hair is the thickest compared to Single Drawn and Double Drawn, the price is the most expensive. I often advise my clients who want the best and thickest hair to choose Super Drawn. For hair suppliers or hair salons that cater to upper-class guests, this hairstyle is suitable.

The benefit of customers who want to choose this hair, looking at the hair will be thick and beautiful.Super Drawn natural hair cuticle aligned virgin hair



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