Loose Wave VS Deep Wave, Which Hair Do You Want To Choose?

Loose Wave VS Deep Wave, Which Hair Do You Want To Choose?

18/12/2022 22:16:16

Are you hesitating choosing between Loose Wave VS Deep Wave? Which hairstyle should you choose? Continue reading this article to know the pros and cons of each hair type, which will make it easier for you to choose the right hairstyle for you. Now let's start learning it!



I. What is loose weave hair?

Loose wave refers to weiver and curl hairstyle. Compareto the deep wave hair, the loose wave hair is less tight and a little bigger. It is neither too tight nor too straight, loved by many girls with soft and bouncy hair. It gives the wearer a natural and voluminous look, which is why many women choose this hair type for the whole year.

 The hairstyle is neatly styled, hugging tightly to get rid of shedding. Created from 100% human hair, the loose wave gives a nice volume and fullness. You will have the entire ends of your hair looking healthy and free of split ends.

1.1. Pros and Cons of loose wave weave hair

Pros Of Loose Wave

•   High-quality hair

•   Its look shiny and luster

•   Can be colored

•   Never go out of fashions

•  Less require styling 

 Cons Of Loose Wave:

•    Shouldn’t bleached or colored on your own

1.2. Features of  loose wave weave hair features

Loose wave is a wavy hairstyle with loose waves and big curls. Sometimes, people confuse this hairstyle with deep waves or body waves. But you must be aware that loose waves have looser curls than deep waves, and a bit tighter than body waves. This is the main difference between loose wave hair.

1. The curls are loose and do not flow in one direction

2. Made of purely human hair

3. Their curl is bigger and less tight than deep wave

4. The curls are not too tight, and not too loose

5. It is usually glossy and shining

II. What Is A Deep Wave?

Deep wave is a bouncy, sexy and classic wavy hairstyle. Although a lot of people confuse this textured hairstyle with loose waves, muscle waves and natural waves, the main difference of deep wave hair is that the curls or waves are tighter than all of the above.

Undoubtedly, this is a wonderful texture that is luxurious and accentuates your appearance.

- 100% human hair

- Hair source: Vietnam, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Peru

2.1. Pros and cons of deep wave hair weave

Pros of Deep Wave hair:

  • Curls are smaller than loose wave hair

  • Simple hairstyle, easy to style

  • Requires little maintenance

  • Increases the thickness of your hair

  • Can be dyed and bleached

 Cons of Deep Wave:

  • Easy to lose curl

  • Not suitable for people who often change their hairstyle

2.2. The Characteristics of the Deep Wave Hair

1. Double weft, tight and neat, not easy tangle, not easy shedding.

2. The curls follow the same direction.

3. High elasticity, shiny, bouncy, healthy

4. Long lifespan: the hair can last up to 12 months 

5. Thick and full at the end, no split end

6. 100% human hair, can be colored and restyle

7. Vietnamese deep wave hair, Brazilian deep wave, India deep wave hair, Peruvian deep wave hair...

III. Loose wave vs deep wave  - What's the difference?

With the information given above, you will agree with me that the difference between deep waves and loose waves is minimal. However, even a small difference is enough for you to easily decide which hairstyle you should choose.

The curls of deep waves are smaller and tighter than loose wave hair. Pattern of deep waves is almost curly hair.

Deep wave hair is easier and quicker when compared to loose wave hair.

In terms of hold, loose wave hair holds the style longer than deep wave hair.

About the maintenance and care aspect, loose waves are easier to care for and require less maintenance than deep waves.

IV. Loose Wave vs Deep Wave - Which should you choose?

After all the information to compare loose deep wave vs deep wave as mentioned above, I think you already know which hair is best for you?

Both hair types are great quality, which are made from 100% virgin human hair, healthy, and nice-looking.

Therefore, if you want to own a curly hairstyle that has a longer lasting curl and requires less care, you can choose loose wave hair. In case you love volume and bouncy hairstyles with smaller curls, deep waves are a great option for you.



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